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Private Jet Menu

Breakfasts and Platters

Healthy Cereal and Milk
Pastries with Butter and Jam
Fresh Fruit and Orange Juice

Lappish breakfast:
Fresh orange juice, cranberry yogurt, air dried reindeer salami, dark bread & butter, fresh berries, smoked cheese, Danish and local breadcheese with cloudberry jam

Low-fat kick start:
Freshly squeezed orange juice, cold smoked salmon, cucumber, 
natural yogurt, granola, carrot bread & low fat cream cheese

Pick your breakfast:
Breakfast cheese: emmental and cheddar (80g)
Breakfast meat:
Ham and Turkey (90g) 14,50
Porridge 12,00
Large croissant 4,50
Small croissant 2,20
Gluten-free bread roll 4,50
Muffin 5,00
Soft or hard-boiled egg 2,50
Omelet or white omelet  13,0
Fruit salad 22,00
Pancakes-3 pieces  8,00
Grilled Bacon(90gr)    8,5

Platters for 1-2 person
Cold cut charcuterie tray:
Smoked reideer, Salame Napoletana, Prosciutto Crudo…

Cheese platter for 1-2 person
Cream cheese (cow), Blue cheese, aged emmental…

Salmon tray:
Variety of salmon, smoked, slightly salted, cold smoked, cooked…

Finnish “caviar” box:
the best of the vendace roe 50g, white bread, dill, sour cream

Soups, Sandwiches & Salads


Smoked reindeer soup with cream cheese 73,00
Finnish creamy salmon soup 56,00
Lobster soup 62,00
Carrot-orange- ginger soup 58,00
Tuscan soup, vegan 39,00
Lentil-tomato soup, vegan 44,00
Soups 0,5L = 1 portion

Artesan Triangle Club Sandwiches
(1 order = 2 pieces)
including bacon &egg

BLT bacon, lettuce, tomato 18,00
Smoked salmon and chive-cream cheese                   22,00
Grilled halloumi 18,00
Chicken                20,00
Open sandwiches
White bread with prociutto,gruyere&egg  16,00
Tomato & mozzarella    16,00
Turkey&Cranberry jam 18,00
Cold smoked salmon    26,00
Reindeer ,horseradish cream,picled cucumber  26,00        


Caesar salad Naturel or chicken, tuna or shrimp 37,00
Niqoise salad 38,00
Greek Feta salad 39,00
Grilled veggies & Fruits 38,00
Healthy greens and grilled fruit 37,00
Caprese salad 36,00

Main Courses

Private Jet Main Dishes Menu RVN Catering

Pasta & Lasagne

Penne with creamy salmon 54,00
Penne with shrimp sauce 44,00
Lasagne 38,00
Spaghetti Carbonara 36,00
Spaghetti Bolognese 33,00
Tagliatelle pomodoro/Arabbiatta 32,00

Vegan / Vegatarian food

Creamy Tomato-Cashew vegan pasta 28,00
Forest mushroom risotto 48,00
Vegetarian lasagne 33,00
Grilled halloumi with fried vegetables 38,00
Asparagus quiche & salad 32,00
Vegan pasta Carbonara  28,00

Main courses 
Chargrilled salmon & veggies, white wine sauce 64,00
Smoked salmon, pepper sauce grilled potatoes 63,00
Pan fried white fish, lemon-spinach risotto 64,00
Grilled arctic char
with stewed potatoes, parsnip puree&white wine sauce  66,00
Lamb sirloin with creamed potatoes 68,00
Tortilla chicken pocket, salad, goat cheese, devil´s paprika jam 44,00
Grilled chicken breast and pineapple, redwine&peppersauce and wedged potatoes 48,00
BBQ beef sirloin steak, with house potatoes,cafe de paris sauce 59,00
Chargrilled beef fillet steak, pureed carrots and mixed veggies 69,00
Sautéed reindeer, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingonberry jam 69,00
Reindeer fillet, port wine sauce,parsnip puree&potato cake  72,00


Private Jet Dessert Menu RVN Catering


Cheese Cake & Raspberries 19,00
Petite fours individual           5,5
Panna Cotta,Strawberries 28,00
Tiramisu                               18,00 
Macaron per piece             3,5
Stuffed Profiteroles 4 pcs 12,00
Lava Cake& vanilla sauce 21,00
Chocolate Cake                     14,00
Bebe                                       9,00

Berries & Fruits

Melons, grapes, apples, peaches (1 kg)                              49,00
Figs, dates, plums, apricot
(1 kg)                                 
Fresh berries 
blueberry, strawberry, raspberry (1kg)                                72,00
Vip Sliced Fruits with berries-per portion (250gr)            34,00
Fruit skewer n.15 cm   12 e 


Private Jet Drink Menu RVN Catering

Freshly squeezed juices

Orange /Grape fruit juice (0,5 l) 9,00

Apple juice (0,5 l) 12,00

Carrot juice (0,5 l) 12,00
Other Juices
Pineapple/Watermelon (0,5L)14,00
Lingonberry 350ml      16,00
Bluberry        350 ml    16,00

Sparkling water can (330 ml) 5,00

Still water can (330 ml) 5,00

Hot Drinks

Hot Cholate, organic (1 l) 16,00

Coffee (1 l) 15,00
Decaffeinated, Dark Roasted, Arabic or Arabic with Cinnamon etc. 

Tea Box 15,00
Darjeeling, Russian Earl Grey, Breakfast, green tea, green tea with jasmine etc.

Herbal Tea Box 15,00
Camomilla, Rooibos, Verdana etc.

Other Products

Private Jet Menu Roses RVN Catering

Ice (1,5 kg) 8,00

Flower Basket 33,00 – 85,00

Rose (1 pcs) 18,00

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